Hi, I'm Hyemee!

You might wonder why my name is not Merry or Dio or something else... lol. The truth is that 'merrydio' is a new word I created for my photography. It is a compound of "merry" and a Latin word "meridio" which means taking a nap.

When I was figuring out the right business name, I tried to think of my favorite moments in life. And it turned out that I really enjoyed the time that I took a nap on a beach after swimming. All the sunshine, breeze, the sound of people laughing, and so forth... made me feel so warm, cozy, happy, and natural. That is what I want my work to feel like. As we all say every day, time flies. Time does fly. We might not be able to catch the time and keep it in our hands forever. From the very little things in our daily lives to the big milestones that may happen once in our lifetime. However, we can keep something to remember the feeling of its warmth, can't we? My memories and their warmth come from my journals, gifts, letters, souvenirs(I especially collect, but not limited to, coasters, postcards, or magnets.), sometimes videos, and mostly pictures I took. So I wish every piece of my work, no matter what they are, gives you the same feeling of warmth, love, and gratefulness I feel in life.

Invite me to the warmest moment in your life. Let us, together, capture the warmth and trap it for eternity so whenever you look into it, you can feel the same warmth inside.


“This was actually my first ever professional photoshoot done. My fiancé and I can be very awkward and stiff when taking photos, so we were pretty worried before the photoshoot. However, Hyemee's thoughtful guidance and patience quickly loosened us up and soon we were having so much fun! The colors and vibes of the results were just what we wanted: special, natural, and warm with pops of color. The color editing is fabulous. We will definitely come back for another shoot. Thank you Hyemee!”

“After interviewing several photographers, we felt confident Hyemee was the right photographer for our wedding. After working with her, we found her to be very professional, intelligent and is accommodating for any of our special needs. And after receiving the final work product, we loved our pictures of our big day. Hyemee went above and beyond to catch each of our special moments throughout the night, and her work editing pictures was very evident.”

“The tone, color, composition.. everything was just perfect. Most of all, you constantly made sure my boyfriend and I felt comfortable and fully satisfied with the work. Because of your kindness throughout the photoshoot and after the session, we were able to capture our love for each other. Looking at the photos we took with you certainly became one of the strengths of our relationship. Not only we captured our love in these photos but also in our hearts.”